Entries by Jan van Muijlwijk (PA3FXB)

Dwingeloo observes the BEESAT-3

Almost five years after the launch, Jan van Muijlwijk observed the BEESAT-3 picosatellite during the CAMRAS Club Day on Sunday January 7, 2018. This “Berlin Experimental and Educational SATellite” is low-Earth orbiting since its launch in 2013. Unfortunately, the scientists of the Technical University of Berlin have not yet been able to observe the satellite […]

Two satellites reactivated

Saturday, June 10, we tried to ‘save’ three satellites using the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope. They are all part of the QB50 mission, fifty small satellites that have all been launched very recently. Universities or colleges build most. They explore the lower thermosphere, an air layer of the atmosphere between about 200 and 380 kilometer altitude. […]

Low-power EME world record

World Moon Bounce Day June 27, 2009 This year marks the 40th anniversary of the first human being walking on the Moon. To commemorate that in an appropriate way, Pat Barthelow (AA6EG, USA) and Robert Brand (Australia) devised a special day with many EME activities. A call was made to activate worldwide especially large dishes […]