Restoration at a glance

Reportage (full movie)

Jan Klaassens, Hilko Hof and Arie Burggraaf from amateur video club Spotlight in Hoogeveen have made a documentary and reportage of the entire restoration (2012-2014). This REPORTAGE of the restoration (33 minutes) follows almost all restoration work in chronological order.

The various work activities can be viewed also as thirty-two individual short film fragments (on average 1 minute) in the toggle menu under the reportage.

(Audible language at the workplace is Dutch)

Reportage (in film fragments)

Choose above the fold menu  All  for all film clips or a  /topic/ for a selection of film clips about that topic. Click on the picture to open the film registration of that topic.

Not recorded on film

Not all work activities are recorded on film. These are for example:

  • the complete clearing of the radio telescope by CAMRAS volunteers prior to the restoration;
  • concrete-work on the foundation;
  • laying tiles and sand around the rail track;
  • installing cables between the control house and focus box.