Restoration at a glance

Reportage (full movie)

Jan Klaassens, Hilko Hof and Arie Burggraaf from amateur video club Spotlight in Hoogeveen have made a documentary and reportage of the entire restoration (2012-2014). This REPORTAGE of the restoration (33 minutes) follows almost all restoration work in chronological order.

The various work activities can be viewed also as thirty-two individual short film fragments (on average 1 minute) in the toggle menu under the reportage.

(Audible language at the workplace is Dutch)

Reportage (in film fragments)

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01 Disassembleing the four leg and the focus box

02 Lifting the mirror from the tower and placing it next to the telescope on a special support structure (trestle)

03 Building scaffolding around the tower and rail track and around the mirror construction on the trestle

04 Removing, numbering and storing the mesh panels from the mirror

05 Checking and cleaning the mesh panels and, if necessary, repairing by CAMRAS volunteers

06 Disassembling the two gearboxes of the elevation drive equipment

07 Building tents around the scaffolding

08 Tents seen from the Dwingelderveld

09 Work consultation at the radio telescope

10 Building meeting at ASTRON

11 Replacing bolts and nuts

12 Rusted steel parts in the mirror and the tower

13 Replacing the pedestal brackets

14 Sandblasting old paint layers and applying three layers of coating

15 Removing the blasting grit

16 Heritage Day by CAMRAS volunteers

17 Mounting the new pedestals

18 Adjusting the mirror

19 Replacing the mesh panels

20 Removing the tents and scaffolding

21 Overhauling the two gearboxes of the elevation drive equipment

22 Jacking up the mirror from the trestle and replacing the elevation bearings

23 Disassembling, overhauling and replacing the four running wheels

24 Replacing the mirror on the tower

25 Turning the mirror down with CAMRAS volunteers

26 Overhauling the focus box by CAMRAS volunteers

27 Replacing the four leg and the focus box

28 Working inside and outside the control house (roofing, painting, underfloor heating)

29 Re-equiping the radio telescope by CAMRAS volunteers

30 Securing and setting the rail track

31 Handover of the radio telescope to ASTRON

32 Official reopening of the restored radio telescope

Not recorded on film

Not all work activities are recorded on film. These are for example:

  • the complete clearing of the radio telescope by CAMRAS volunteers prior to the restoration;
  • concrete-work on the foundation;
  • laying tiles and sand around the rail track;
  • installing cables between the control house and focus box.