Almost all user projects of CAMRAS generate many data. Because the building and renovation of the radio telescope is financed with public money, it is “good use” to make these data openly available. That is how it goes in scientific research.
For large data sets, the CAMRAS ICT group made a web server available with a lot of disk space. This Public CAMRAS data website – the web server – can be accessed at

Various CAMRAS projects are already using this service with:

  • test data from the CAMRAS SETI group;
  • calculations of pulsar observations for student papers, including those of the Crab Nebula;
  • data from a pulsar survey of about twenty pulsars in filter bank format (a file format in which besides the data also the metadata such as time and pointing are stored);
  • raw data from the Chinese radio amateur satellite DSLWP-B (Longjiang-2) (call sign BJ1SN) located in orbit around the Moon.

The use of these data is for the advanced hobbyist who knows what to do with it. The complexity differs per data set.

In News & Blog on this website, the observers will regularly explain their observations or indicate what can be done with them.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of the Public CAMRAS data website is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. When re-using the data, include a link to CAMRAS website and the relevant data page of the Public CAMRAS data website and state the name of the observer(s). Permission with regard to rights that do not fall under this license can be requested here.