Group interest and background

For groups we can organize a guided tour with a demonstration in the radio telescope. With these group tours, depending on the interest and background of the group, emphasis can be placed on the technology of the telescope, on astronomy or on amateur radio applications. The telescope is also interesting from the point of view of heritage.

Group size

Practice shows that we cannot properly facilitate groups larger than forty visitors. If your group consists of more than forty people, we cannot guarantee in advance that we can receive your group.


For tours we ask an entrance fee of:

  • € 5.00 per adult
  • € 2.50 per youngster (from 6 to 24 years)
  • children up to 5 years are free
  • donators and a second participant per donator are free.

ATTENTION: The costs for a tour with a demonstration depend on the number of participants but are always at least € 50.00.

With your contribution CAMRAS can maintain the telescope, renew equipment and furnishing, and develop and renew materials for visitors, schoolchildren, and students.

Book at least two weeks in advance

Guided tour and demonstration are by appointment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange a tour on the day of booking. We kindly ask you to book a guided tour at least two weeks in advance. The chance that we can provide a tour will be greater if you indicate with your application several dates on which you can visit the radio telescope.

ATTENTION: We do not organize guided tours on request

  • after 18:00 hours (6 PM);
  • on national and generally recognized holidays;
  • in the last two weeks of February 2020; the radio telescope can then be visited during the opening on Sunday 23 February and during the National Stargazing Days on Saturday 29 February;
  • in the last week of April and the first week of May 2020; the radio telescope can then be visited during the opening on Sunday 3 May;
  • during the months July, August and September 2020, and in the first week of October 2020. In that period the radio telescope can be visited during the permanent Sunday openings, the Heritage Days and the Science Weekend.


  1. The number of CAMRAS volunteers who can operate the telescope and can provide a guided tour with demonstration is limited. They do not all live in Drenthe and many have a regular job. For safety reasons there are always two operators needed on the telescope and with large groups even more. For that reason, it may be that we cannot offer a guided tour, even if it has been booked early.
  2. An astronomical observation program or amateur radio experiment that is in progress during your tour cannot always be cancelled. This may impose limitations on the demonstration we can show, but you will see the radio telescope in action.
  3. Weather conditions (in particular wind, snow and ice) and equipment failures can prevent a demonstration. In that case, we will give a guided tour without a demonstration.

Confirmation and payment

After confirming the booking with your group and the agreed price, we prefer to receive the payment of your group visit to our bank account in advance

NL60 RABO 0174 3757 78 in the name of Stichting CAMRAS in Dwingeloo (the Netherlands)
(BIC/SWIFT-address of the Rabobank is RABONL2U or RABONL2UXXX for BIC with eleven characters)

stating the date of the group visit, the name of the group and the number of participants.

ATTENTION: In the radio telescope and the Muller house cannot be paid with pin.


With the button at the bottom of this page you can apply for a group tour. With your booking you confirm that you have read our disclaimer.